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It seem like only yesterday that we were able to witness the Greatest of All Time  - Muhammad Ali, dazzle the world with his charm, charismatic ways and dynamic punch that shook the world. We look back 50 years ago on this cover of Ebony Magazine marking the one year anniversary of the passing of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  Many of the challenges we faced then and today exist on different scales and different levels. 

We must be clear.  

Abundantly Woke. 

All things change and will continue to change, however there are essential tools, life skills and rules needed and reestablished to ensure the success of us as a people.  We've survived, now it is time for us to LIVE.  LIVE with purpose and understanding. LIVE with respect for ourselves, our family and friends.  LIVE with commitment to betterment and upliftment.  It is time to LIVE with understanding, compassion and appreciation for what we all contribute in our diversity to the Whole.   

We are the tradition...the hope and dream of the slave. The lights upon the darkness in their quest for freedom.  It is within us to release ourselves...In The Tradition. 

Alita Carter 


Ebony Magazine - April 1969

Muhammad Ali, undefeated world heavyweight boxing champion, shares the April cover spotlight with his wife, Belinda, and their nine-month-old daughter, Maryum.  A perennial newsmaker inside and outside the ring, Ali finds himself riding the crest of a popularity wave despite (or because of) his fierce black miltacy and his refusal to submit to the Army draft. 

Credit: Ebony Magazine

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